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Trenton, Brighton & Belleville

Mandated by the MTO, students must complete 10 hours of independent studies.  This is a combination of reading the text book, completing chapter review test and completing the following assignments.  Your assignments must be completed by the last in-class sessions. In car lessons will not begin until all assignments have been handed in .

Parent/Teen Vehicle Use and Operation Agreement

Provide each student with a copy of the Parent-Teen Vehicle Use and Operation Agreement Template. This agreement is to be used as a guide only in the development of your own agreement.

For driver training to be effective, mentors and teens must communicate with each other to develop mutual respect and understanding. A vehicle use agreement provides an excellent way to be objective and increase the probability of safe performance, economical operation and responsible behaviour.

Using the provided worksheet, you will design a mutually agreed program for sharing the automobile.

This assignment is worth 5 marks.

Trip Planning

In order to help save fuel, minimize driving stress, and maximize your enjoyment of the drive, advanced preparation can really pay off.
This assignment puts you in the captain’s chair, responsible for every detail of the journey.

By choosing a destination outside of Ontario, you will provide details in point form for each of the following:

1.Departure details
2.Destination details
3.Total round trip kilometres
4.Preparing your vehicle
5.Preparing the driver
6.Route directions and street names
7.Rest Stops
8.Emergency plan
9.Estimated time of departure
10. Estimated time of arrival

This assignment is worth 5 marks. 

Driver Attitudes and Behaviour

Accurate assessment of driving environments, road conditions and appropriate adjustment of driving behaviour is essential to safe driving. Control over emotions and other personal factors can play a bigger role than you think.

Values, beliefs and other motives can easily influence our attitudes towards driving.

This assignment will deal with the impact of driver behaviour on our safety, as well as the safety of other road users.

By choosing one of the following topics, you will write a one page report (200 – 300 words) that will help foster the understanding and practice of safe and responsible driving behaviour.

1) Types and sources of road rage 
2) What personal factors influence driving attitudes and behaviour
3) Influence of other people’s driving habits
4) Peer pressure and driving.
5) Influence of vehicle advertising
6) How positive driving attitudes result in safe and responsible driving behaviour
7) Driving is a privilege not a right
8) Effective strategies for resisting negative pressures

This assignment is worth 5 marks. 

Road Test Evaluation

Provide each student with a copy of the Road Test Evaluation Template.

This assignment puts you in the shoes of a driving examiner.

With the fresh information you now have on the rules of the road, it is time to put your Licensed driver to the test...literally.

Using the road test evaluation sheet you will role play with your parent/guardian or mentor.

For fifteen minutes as they drive, you will use the test sheet to mark their skills on right and left turns, parking on a hill, backing into a spot etc.

Be strict but have fun. It should prove to be a very enlightening experience for all those involved. 

This assignment is worth 5 marks.

Environmental Issues

Many factors lead to climate change. The emphases on automobile use and the burning of fossil fuels have targeted everyday drivers as a major contributor to this problem.

This assignment will help you to understand the individuals role in reducing the impact automobiles have on global warming.

You will research a media source and provide a copy of your findings as it pertains to the automobile and the environment. 
(a web address is sufficient proof of your findings)

You will also come up with at least two driver controlled solutions to this problem.

This assignment is worth 5 marks.